b-artsy Workshops

Scroll down to see the list of fun-filled b-artsy workshops! Click on the workshop you prefer and it will take you to the scheduling page. Space is limited, all supplies are provided.

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Winter Workshops 2022- 2 Hour sessions, $95

Thursdays, beginning January 6, 2022

Sketch-booking is good for the soul!  Grab a friend and join us Thursday afternoons as we explore our world, our dreams, our thoughts and more!  Sketchbooks become an artist’s treasure of memories and soul-searching, a creative outlet, a fantastic escape into colors and lines and shapes, oh my! 

January 22, 2022

Let’s explore the world of birds! Join us for our January workshop! We will paint fabulous birds in all their colorful glory!

February 26, 2022

Let’s get a little crazy and paint abstracts! Join us for our February workshop and we will giggle and paint abstracts in fabulous color stories!

March 19, 2022

We are SO ready for warmer weather and beautiful flowers! Join us for our Daffodil workshop! We will paint fabulous daffodils in rich golden hues.