Boys & Art

Last month I wrote (or maybe ranted) on how artsy kids need coaches and team mates just like an athletic kid. Since then, I’ve had quite a few workshops with wonderful young ladies whose parents had the “ah ha!” moment and signed them up straight away. However, I did not have one boy. Hmmm. Guess what, boys are artsy too. I’ve had many young gentlemen in camps and classes and I have to say, they are some of my favorite art students.

One of my all-time favorite art club members! A brave soul, he was the only boy in art club for awhile, but soon other’s joined him when they saw how much fun he was having.

Boys are fun because they don’t really come with any expectations of an art class. Typically, an enlightened parent has signed them up and they show up. And they LOVE the class. They really love it, deep down. The brave parents that have committed their boys to an art class, surprisingly find themselves signing their boys up regularly. The art work they produce is spontaneous, fun, and exciting!

Why don’t we think about boys and art class? Maybe traditional art classes aren’t made for boys. Recently, I had two teen age students actually tell me that their art class in school was SO BORING. (And yes, with an eye-roll.) If art class is boring in school, how in the world is any healthy, active kid going to be enticed to explore their creative side?

Let them PAINT! Get them in an art class that allows them to dig in the ooey-gooey paint, mix exciting colors, slap the paint on with all different brushes. Let them be PHYSICAL when they paint! Wiggling around with a paintbrush and color truly creates some exciting brush strokes! Let them EXPLORE, art is not about being perfect in any way. It is all about the exploration of space, line, shape, color, environment, etc. Let them CHOOSE! I had a male student who chose to paint a basketball and hoop and it was FANTASTIC!

One of my favorite paintings!

As a mother of two awesome young men, I loved to see my sons’ artwork. I have paintings hanging in my studio for other kids to see. The comments I’ve received range from, “Is that the Geico gecko?” (why yes it is, because boys choose to paint interesting things) and “Wow! A boy painted that?” Oh and by-the-way, my boys are athletic too! No reason to only allow one type of activity at our house! Why not expose both sides of their brains to all the great things the world offers?

So, please, let your boys b-artsy too!