So…here we go…a new adventure on the horizon. So scary, so exciting! There hasn’t 7DFC9593-49DE-4124-9404-2672BF679590_1_201_abeen much to complain about on my end during this pandemic. I was fortunate enough to be stuck inside with three of my favorite people and four of my favorite cats. Life is grand! Time is at a standstill and all I can think about is “what do I want to do when I grow up?” I want to be artsy. That is what I want to do. And BAM! b-artsy.com was born.

So, what does that mean? I will explain in another post the makings of (what I hope to be) a dream job. For now, let’s open up our inner artist and look around…

Where are you right now? Outside? Nature is artsy. Who doesn’t love the kaleidoscope of colors that nature presents to us? A myriad of greens to choose from; pale yellows to deep golds; all manner of reds; perfectly pretty pinks; even the rich tones of the earth carry their own diverse color schemes. Nature, what a gift to the artist.

Are you still outside? Maybe you’re in the city? Or a quaint little town? Or by the seaside? SO many options for art! When you are coached to see with an artist’s eye, you will look at the world through a different kind of lens. You will begin to notice secret little niches in your town. How the skyscrapers in the city are truly and appropriately named. The sails on the sailboats have such an interesting shape. Why, my little espresso pot is perfectly designed!

That is the point. Look at everything. Really see it. Art is everywhere. b-artsy.

Sheila Huyett, CEA (Chief Executive Artist)